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Race Rally Steering Wheel with Shift Light - High Quality - Universal - Suede

ANT - progressive Shift Light Steering Wheel
Our new steering wheel has an integrated progressive shift light on the top of the steering wheel (check our photos).
This is a high quality shift light and steering wheel manufactured in Italy, where other top brands produce their steering wheels. Not China quality.
This is an universal steering wheel, you only have to use 1 wire from the horn or airbag squib.
This shift light has 4 red LED´s that will turn ON progressively and they will flash on the last stage of the shift light.
Our product is the first universal steering wheel with an integrated shift light and it also has extra functions:
  • You will have a blue wire to connect to your sidelights. When you turn them ON, the LED´s will have less brightness (for night conditions).
  • You will have a green wire to connect to a warning signal
    (oil pressure valve, ECU or other). This way if your engine has a
    problem the LED´s will start flashing.
  • Short circuit protection.
This system was developed to allow an easy installation on every car.
You only have to route 1 wire from the steering wheel center to the interior of your car.
Many cars have a horn on the center of the steering wheel. Other cars have an airbag squib behind the steering wheel.
You should use the horn wire or the airbag squib wire to route the steering wheel wire.
Remember that the steering wheel only has 1 wire to simplify the installation.
You will also have to install a small controller box and a button.
The button will allow to adjust the initial RPM and final RPM. Please the table at the end of this page to understand the system.
Check the following videos to see how the system work and how can you calibrate it.

ANT - Steering wheel with integrated shift light - YouTube

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Calibration of the shift light steering wheel // Special functions - YouTube

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The top of the steering wheel is the best place for a progressive shift light, because it is always on your field of vision.
If you have any question feel free to ask and if you want we can send you the installation manual.

This is an universal 6 bolt steering wheel with same bolt pattern as other brands. You can use it with any universal steering wheel hub.
Steering wheel cover is Suede, diameter is 350mm with 65mm dish.
Available with no stitching, yellow stitching or red stitching (check photos).
After placing your order, please tell us which type do you want.

Warranty – we offer 2 year warranty. If you have any problem, just contact us.
VAT invoice:  all our items include a VAT invoice supplied with the goods.
If you have a valid VAT number we can make an export invoice for you without VAT.

We ship worldwide.