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  • Why should you install an electric steering system on your vehicle ?

Installing an electric steering system on a vehicle without power steering is the easiest and more reliable way of improving your car driving experience.
Nowadays we are all used to cars with power steering. And when we drive a classic car, camper van, etc, without power steering we can feel the difference!
So, installing an electric steering column on a classic car or similar will turn your driving experience easier and more comfortable.
This type of steering installations are also used for race and rally cars.
An electric steering column is a very compact and reliable way to add power steering to your car. You don´t need to modify anything on your car engine bay, you only have to modify your original steering column to fit the electric system.

  • What type of controller kit we recommend ?

As you can see on our store, for each type of electric steering system we have a normal controller kit with an adjustment knob to allow you to adjust the power steering assistance level. We recommend this system for all racing cars because it is important for the driver to choose the steering assistance level according to tires, road characteristics, weather, etc.
And we also have a fully automatic controller kit with a GPS antenna. The GPS antenna allows the controller kit to know the exact vehicle speed at each moment, and it will adjust the steering assistance level according to.
We recommend to use this GPS system on all normal car applications because this is a fully automatic system. After installed there is no need for adjustment.

  • What steering column we recommend ?

It will mainly depend on which country you live. Because at first you must buy an used electric steering column on a car breaker or Ebay. And depending on the country you live it is easier to buy some specific models. Then you have to buy from us the controller kit for that steering column type you bought.
So, if you are from the US and Canada, we recommend you to buy the Saturn Vue or Ford Fiesta steering column.
If you are from Europe, we recommend you to buy the steering column from Opel Corsa B or C, Renault Clio 2, Clio 3, Ford Fiesta, Opel Agila.
If you are from Australia we recommend you to buy the Holden Barina steering column.

  • What happens when the GPS controller kit loses its signal (i.e. inside a tunnel)?

If the GPS losses the signal, for example on a tunnel or an underground carpark, the system will keep the last know vehicle speed. So, for example if you enter a tunnel at 80km/h and the GPS losses the signal it will keep this vehicle speed of 80km/h until it gets accurate GPS signal again. Normally you enter an underground carpark at a low speed (10 to 30 km/h) so it will keep this speed value too.
Each time you turn ignition ON of your car the system assumes that you are stopped. And this is the moment that the GPS antenna takes a few seconds to get the GPS signal. During this time that the GPS does not has signal it gives you maximum steering assistance because your car is stopped. Once it gets accurate GPS signal it will give the correct vehicle speed information to the steering ECU.
All this is automatically done by our controller kit.

  • Main steps to install an electric steering system on a vehicle ?

First step to install an electric steering column to any car is to analyze the space and fitment of your car steering. Then, start searching for used electric steering columns. At this point you should buy the steering column and the correspondent controller kit on our shop.
When you have all the parts, remove the original steering column from your car and plan how to modify your steering column to fit the electric motor on it.
Normally we cut the upper part of your original steering column and solder this part on the electric steering column. This way you will keep your original steering wheel, control stalks, etc.
Then it is important to use two U-joints on the lower part of the steering column. We normally use the upper U-joint from the electric steering column and the lower U-joint from the original car. Now solder the shaft to the U-joints at the correct length.
To finish fabricate a good mount to secure your modified steering column to your car chassis / body.
Install our controller kit to allow the correct working of the electric steering system and test the system. For the system to work you must have the tires on the ground.

  • Is an electric steering reliable ?

Yes, an electric steering system is very reliable. The best and more reliable steering´s are produced by Japanese brands like JTEKT, Koyo and Mitsubishi. And most of the controller kits we produce are to use with these brands of power steering. For example Saturn Vue, Corsa, Clio, etc all use Japanese quality & reliability steering columns.

  • What problems can you have ?

It is not usual to have problems using these systems. And most of problems are easily solved with simple repairs. At first, it is very important for the electrical system to be installed by someone with knowledge on electrics. While connecting wires you should always solder them and not use simple crimp terminals. These can lead to bad electrical contacts that will result in problems for your steering. So, basically most of customers that contact us with some type of problem it is caused to bad electrical contacts on wires, ground points, etc.
Also, very common is a customer trying to bench test an electric steering column and it won´t work. This is normal. If you want to test a steering column on the bench you must simulate a real situation like on the vehicle. On the vehicle the driver makes force on the steering wheel and the tires on the ground do an opposite force.
You must use two pliers. With one pliers on each side of the steering column, make contrary force with them. Now you will see the electric steering working correctly.
Another common issue is that your power steering is easier to turn for one side than the other. In this case you only need to adjust the torque sensor located in the middle of your steering column. If you are not sure how to do this, please contact us and we will help you.

  • Electric steering column not working. What can you do ?

Please read previous post and make sure to check all the wire connections of your system. Then, if you can´t solve your problem, please contact us and give us as much information as possible.
If possible send us some photos of your electric steering installation.
Also, using a voltmeter please measure the voltage values on each wire and inform us. Obviously turn ON the system first.
With this information we will be able to help you.