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MK3 Ford Focus RS 2.3 Ecoboost Exhaust Valve Remote Control


MK3 Ford Focus RS Exhaust Valve Remote Control


This system is very easy to install. All plug & play. Our Kit includes all the connectors. Basically you only need to disconnet your original connector and plug our Kit. 

With this exhaust Valve remote control system installed on your Focus RS you will be able to control the exhaust valve to be fully opened or fully closed with a remote control. While on the original Focus RS the engine computer basically decides to open or close the exhaust valve.

With this system you have total control and if you want a quiet exhaust sound you can close the valve and when you want the best exhaust sound and Pops you can just open the valve using the remote control.

Our system was developed to have a Valve memory function. So, when you start your engine the valve will stay on the same position as it was left on the last drive you done. For example, if you like to have the Valve always open you don´t need to open the valve on the remote each time you start the engine. It will always keep your previous request.

Also very important, if you own a Focus RS you notice that originally each time you open the door of your car or start the engine the exhaust valve will make a complete open / close cycle. We believe this is important to make sure the valve doesn´t get stuck over time. So, with our system each time you open the door or start the engine it will also do a complete open / close cycle to prevent the valve getting stuck in the future.

Finally, this system was developed to not have any engine ECU / computer error. Your engine computer will not find any difference using our system or the original system.

This system can be used with the original exhaust & valve or aftermarket exhaust with similar type valve (i.e. Remus, etc).

ON button will open the exhaust valve.

OFF button will close the exhaust valve.

Note: when we state valve closed it does mean valve 95% closed. Original Ford system also uses 95% valve closure and not 100% to avoid valve getting stuck closed. If the system totally closes the valve on the exhaust it is more probable to get stuck over time. So, our exhaust controller also close 95% the valve to avoid future problems.

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