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AUTOMATIC - Ford Fiesta || Kit - Electric power steering controller box


Automatic electric power steering controller box - Ford Fiesta 2013/17


Note: we developed a new controller kit with a GPS antenna for the perfect electric steering experience.   You can check it here.

Kit to install an electric steering column from Ford Fiesta to any other vehicle.

This controller kit will work on steering columns from Ford Fiesta year 2013 until 2017. Please check photos on this ad, your steering column must be similar. Part number of your steering must start with C1BC...

This controller box comes ready to install. Very easy to install.

This is our new controller Kit for Ford Fiesta electric power steering.

Why is it different from all the others available in the market ?  Because it automatically adjusts the steering assistance level according with the driver demand. 

Our new system will constantly analyse the force applied at the steering wheel by the driver and automatically adjust the steering assistance level. So, if the driver is applying force at the steering wheel (for example when parking) the steering will automatically give the maximum assistance.  If the driver is on the highway, he will apply a small force at the steering wheel and the steering will automatically turn OFF, allowing the driver to have a very precise steering at higher speeds.

This new Kit doesn´t use an adjustment knob, because for now on you won´t need to adjust your steering again !  It will automatically adjust for you !

Colour instructions for install and use included in this sale !

Comes complete with controller box, wires, installation manual and ECU plug (everything assembled).

Electric power steering uses an electric motor to assist the steering. A computer module (ECU) receives information from several sensors and decides which level of assistance the electric motor should deliver to the steering. When you install a Ford Fiesta electric power steering to your vehicle it won´t work because the ECU doesn´t receives information from the other ECU´s of the car. That’s why you need this controller unit. It sends information to the ECU.

There is a long list of vehicles using electric power steering. These type of steering is easily installed in any vehicle because they are small, lightweight (compared with other types of power steering) and you only need to modify your steering column.

Typical applications: Rally cars, classic cars, AE86, Escort mk1 mk2, Opel Manta Ascona Kadett, Westfield, Nova, Van´s, Mini, Buggy, Mustang, Chevrolet, Camaro, Dodge, Van, Campers, many others.

Attention: this control box only fits Ford Fiesta and Focus Ecosport electric power steering.

Warranty – we offer 1 year warranty. If you have any problem, just contact us.

We ship worldwide. Most items will be sent within 24 hours. 

Use only outside public roads or for Motorsport. 

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